Monday, March 16, 2009

Nothing to fear but the atmopshere itself

Nothing to fear but the atmosphere itself
( In response to a Chelsea Green article on the Great Collapse)

“Synergistic collapse” is a more appropriate term for what’s happening. We’re in the beginning stages of a process that could become irreversible overnight. What’s different about our present crisis from that of the Great Depression is that in 1920, the environment and our social structures hadn’t been weakened to the point that they are now.

The question isn’t what to call the looming tragedy. The question is “How bad do things have to get before all solutions are considered?”

When people in the US get worried enough to consider all solutions, it will already be too late in much of the rest of the world to recover the environmental, economic and social balance that’s being lost.

So what to do first? Revaluate Cannabis agriculture, manufacture and trade for what they are truly worth in the context of critical environmental, economic and social crises. Recognize that time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival. Understand that Cannabis is a critical “strategic resource” without which our species will never achieve sustainability on this planet.

End the “drug war” against Cannabis agriculture, both “industrial hemp” and ‘marijuana.’ Prohibition has crippled organic agricultural energy and food production in the United States for seventy years. Prohibition has eroded the credibility of law and threatens national security by imposing essential resource scarcity. Prohibition enriches a vicious black market that appears wealthy & cool to young people as times get more hypocritical and tougher.

Cannabis is nutritionally unique and essential, beyond the rightful jurisdiction of any court. How can a “strategic food resource” also be a “Schedule I drug”? How can we be talking about taxing marijuana without first ending the prohibition of industrial hemp? Are taxes more valuable than food?

Personally, I’m sick of the hypocrisy of a President who smoked pot “frequently” yet refuses to end the war on Cannabis. I’m sick of the hypocrisy of a society hyped on sugar & chemical drugs, sloshed on booze & stinking of tobacco that presumes to disapprove of the world’s oldest truly global culture.

Drugs don’t make seeds. Herbs do.
Freedom to farm “every herb bearing seed” is the first test of religious freedom.
The First Amendment protects the relationship between religion and agriculture, over-ruling the illegal statutes prohibiting Cannabis farming.

End the war against industrial hemp agriculture and the Great Collapse will not happen. Continue the so-called “drug war” and synergistic collapse will prevent our species from seeing the end of this century.