Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hemp considered?

Syad asked, in the UNFSN forum:

Regarding "...using Biochar in soils for reducing global carbon emission...the question is how to trap it and deposit safely or reuse?"

Manufacture of biodegradable building materials from fiber/cellulose crops would be one way to store large quantities of carbon.


for more about Cannabis history, manufacture and trade.

I am curious to know Ruy and others, to what extent Cannabis agriculture is employed in the production of biofuels, food and other products where you are?

I believe that the answer to many of the questions asked in this forum has been hidden in the forbidden and tragically under-valued Cannabis plant. If considered for its unique and essential food value alone, next spring would see a return to intensive global Cannabis agriculture.

Beyond the urgency of soil retention, detoxification, re-mineralization and de-compaction of damaged lands, Cannabis agriculture could also realize the planet's most efficient atmospheric carbon sequestration/oxygen production potential.

In addition, Cannabis production of atmospheric monoterpenes, could effect radiative forcing and reflection of increasing UV-B radiation. Except for the suppressive influence of 'marijuana' prohibition, Cannabis agriculture is an available, proportionate response to a huge global threat. Sufficient regional "seeding" of clouds with atmospheric aerosols called "monoterpenes" (of which Cannabis produces fifty-eight) would protect the Earth's surface from "global broiling" by producing a protective cloud layer.

I suggest that consideration of Cannabis agriculture warrants much more thorough and active discussion. If hemp isn't a viable solution to many of the problems being discussed in this forum, then will someone please explain why. One good reason that's true is all it would take to change my mind about Cannabis.

I propose and challenge this community of to consider what the effects would be if absolute Cannabis freedom was allowed to exist in the world, as the Creator apparently intended (i.e. Genesis 1:29). I am convinced that a global distribution of industrial hemp seed would provide people with the fast-growing protein they need, while providing a regional source of several bio-fuels, including pyrolytic charcoal, easily made from hemp stalks.

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