Monday, April 14, 2008

Ultimate Perversion

*Lead poisoning due to adulterated cannabis *

In recent months several cases of lead poisoning were observed in
Germany, mainly in the region of Leipzig. Some cases also occurred in
other places, such as Munich and Vienna, Austria. According to a
report published in the New England Journal of Medicine 29 patients
were admitted to four different hospitals in the greater Leipzig area
with classic signs and symptoms of lead intoxication, which had not
occurred in Germany in recent decades. All patients were regular
cannabis users and lead was detected in cannabis of some patients.

A criminal investigation was begun to find the causer of the lead
adulteration. Lead was obviously added to the drug by drug traffickers
to increase weight and profit. An anonymous screening program for
cannabis users was started and further 95 subjects were found, who had
blood levels of lead that required treatment. The Drug Commissioner of
the Federal Government, Sabine Baetzing, issued a warning on cannabis
that may be adulterated by lead. Several German organisations called
for the possibility for cannabis users to grow their own for personal
use to reduce the risks of cannabis use.

The article is available at:

(Source: Busse F, Omidi L, Leichtle A, Windgassen M, Kluge E, Stumvoll
M. Lead poisoning due to adulterated marijuana. N Engl J Med
2008;358(15):1641-2. - )


This report points out the dark extremes of human greed, engendered by inflated black market prices, made inevitable by the "drug war." Social poicy that is structured to enable contamination of a healing herb with poison in order to increase profit for the black market is ultimate perversity on a societal scale.

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