Monday, January 14, 2008

Regarding Marc Emery's plea bargain

Marc Emery's case is to law what Katrina was to disaster relief -- inarguable proof of consumate disfunction. Such injustice institutionalizes further oppression, as the foundations of civilization are eroded.

Article One in the U.S. Bill of Rights and all international treaties specifically protect everyone's "freedom of religion." Spiritual freedom is a self-evident, individual right, not conditional upon joining a "church."

If spiritual dimensions of Cannabis are considered, then everyone's right to "every herb bearing seed" is a defense that even our outlaw governments would be loath to violate.

Each spring planting season that passes without the world's most useful agricultural resource is another step closer to the synergistic collapse of environment, economics, and social structures upon which everyone depends.

Don't tell us that we can't have Cannabis and then pretend to govern toward freedom. Without the freedom to farm, we are an extinctionistic species. Worse, we are a species without the least respect and gratitude to whatever Creator made both Cannabis and Homo sapiens.

That Michelle Rainey's life was leveraged against Marc's defense is another shameful chapter in the history of the so-called "drug war."

My deepest heartfelt sympathies go out to Marc's family and friends. That my country is imposing itself on the world in this way is cause for sadness and resolve to stop the mad machine that is working against our common freedoms.

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