Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mining Carbon from the Atmosphere with Cannabis

To honor those people who protested in the streets, calling for the impeachment of beorge gush, chick deney and the rest of the gang, before we end this war in Iraq, I offer my spirited support in, I trust, a useful thought.

No honor without impeachment
No justice without prosecution
No future without Cannabis.

Hemp is the primary, potentially abundant, globally distributed, environmentally beneficial, alternative to petroleum for the majority of the world's people. Learn about it, then let's all agree that it's time to end prohibition of the world's most nutritious, beneficial and useful agricultural resource.

Once the perception of essential value shifts, the political values will change. Problems are profitable for BushCo. We have to implement the solution this spring planting season. Time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival, and hemp agriculture is the most peaceful solution to many violent problems. It's good news! Learn why!!

If we all protested as vigorously,
against the fundamental cause of war,
the anti-natural politiconomic disparity
resulting from imposed organic agricultural scarcity,
supplanted with a dope-ridden, bureaucratically obese domestic "drugs & wars" economy of unevenly distributed toxic chemicals,
then we could obviate the wealth of the present
outlaw petroligarchy
just by appreciating the
true value of Cannabis.

The war is one of values. Man's present valuation of hemp is the opposite of what it ought to be, if we wish to survive. It's just that simple. Do the math. World's most useful, nutritious and potentially abundant crop. Long history of beneficial relationship with this plant. No need to ask for permission to plant.

This Spring 2008 will be the season to end the war at home against our Constitutionally protected freedom to farm, as an expression of sincere, respect and appreciation for "every herb bearing seed" and "every green herb" given to us by The Creator of this planet.

One acre of hemp will :

- Sequester one ton of carbon from the atmosphere in a year
- Produce 1000 gallons of fuel
- Feed ten people all the protein and essential fatty acids they need for a year.
- Reflect solar radiation back into space, seed cloud formation,
- Heal infections, prevent disease
- Detoxify, remineralize and break up compaction in the soil,
- Fuel the tractor
- Protect other crops from pest infestation
- Protect stored crops from pest infestation
- Provide essential feed and cover for wildlife
- Grow a seasonal wind-break
- Produce therapeutic essential oils that produce no THC.

According to the DEA's own definition of what is and what isn't a "legal" hemp product, Cannabis essential oils logically qualify as legal because they do not "cause THC to enter the human body." Yet, because of their enormous competitive value, they remain prohibited.

The incomparable urgency of widespread carbon sequestration monoterpene production for climate mitigation is knwon, for both global warming and global broiling, biogenic pesticides and safe, natural insect repellent, Cannabinoid compounds (CBD, CBN) and other valuable resins and compounds in Cannabis are being withheld and knowledge suppressed.

Let's all stand up at the same time and say yes to agricultural abundance and global healing through cooperation with and respect for Nature. The cure for endless war is agricultural abundance and the freedom to farm.

Note: This post is dedicated to the immediate release of Andre Furst in Switzerland.
Please see http://www.chanvre-info.ch/info/en/

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