Thursday, August 30, 2007

Invoking the Church Arson Prevention Act

I believe that the "Church Arson Prevention Act" could be invoked to prevent future dispensary
raids, if the "medical" dispensaries are associated with a spiritual and nutritional, holistic
wellness center. Eliminating artificial distinctions that have been created to define people's use
of Cannabis broadens the legal defense for our many over-lapping rights to grow and use it.

The British Columbia Compassion Club Society in Vancouver is the perfect example of what a
wellness center could be. One of the reasons that dispensaries in the U.S. don't work for people
as well as they could is because the healing properties of the plant that are offered at most of
the clubs are limited to just the buds. The whole plant has healing properties, as does the act of
growing it outside, and sharing it with others creates a healing community of like-minded, mellow

I attempt to reflect what I see, and reason a way beyond it, in order not to be blinded or
paralyzed by it. From my perspective, ending prohibition is a conscious healing, not a war.
Our economy is based on toxins and scarcity. Of course we're a sick society. If it were a war to
be fought, rather than an illness to be healed, then we would be in real trouble. Wars are what
the drug warriors are geared up for. To fight against insanity leads nowhere. Re-balancing our
conscious appreciation of Cannabis is much quicker, and leads to sustainability within a
functional Natural Order.

But 'time' is the limiting factor. The sense of urgency for ending prohibition is as important as
the integrity of the rationale. That's why this Spring, 2008, is the season for everyone to plant
openly and publicly, after a coordinated series of educational programs and meetings.

Fortunately, the global brain is waking up, electronically. It is now possible for people to
communicate, instantaneously, for the first time in our species' history. We the People are the
government, if we choose to learn control of our politicians, as a baby learns to control its

Most voters support medical marijuana. The government doesn't because the people in office aren't
working for us. Problems are profitable. Prohibition is the weight around the neck of the finest
horse in the stable, and still she is the largest cash crop in the state. That says much about the
value of it.

Here's how I see prohibition ending by next Spring.

1. Drugs don't make seeds. Herbs do.
2. Genesis 1:29 and :31, "every herb bearing seed""every green herb"
3. Article One, the "free expression" of religion.
4. Individual Cannabis Ministries, millions of us claim our ancient, global cultural legacy.
5. Teach what we know to our communities, using digital video and computer technology for the
common good.
6. Cite the Conference of Mayor's Resolution of June 2007 declaring the drug war a costly
"failure," and demand accountability of our elected officials rather than continuing a
counter-productive policy.
7. Formally challenge the government's rightful jurisdiction over an unique and essential natural
resource, invoking "essential civilian demand" as provided for in E.O. 12919.
8. Designate Cannabis as a "critically determinate crop" because of its nutritional value, and
extremely valuable monoterpene production.
9. Plant publicly after conducting regional "Town Hall Meetings"/First Freedom Seminars inviting
cooperation with the Department of Justice.
10. Designate Community Trust-held lands for Cannabis Cultural Centers, including agricultural
demonstration project, hemp seed cafe, a wellness center (i.e. holistic healers, herbalists,
nutritional counseling), where Cannabis is grown biodynamically for seed, fiber and pure outdoor
herbal therapeutics.

Prohibition is a necessary obstacle to assure the competitiveness of the chemical industries.
Behaviorally akin to paranoia, there is created a perceived villain, who is out to get you or your
kids. In truth, 'marijuana' is not the villain, petrochemicals and economic disparity are the
corrupt forces fundamentally warping human values.

If our generation continues to allow prohibition to continue, rather than recognizing our
obligation to reclaim our civil liberties, then our children will suffer for our impotent defense
of the self-evident, god-given, natural freedom to farm.

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